Nineteen and Twenty-Six is committed to working with leaders and educators in becoming excellent in their craft.  Using research based resources, we have worked to put together professional development that provide instructional options that are practical and proven.   Our professional development options include, but are not limited to:

Classroom Management

An instructional essential often overlooked is classroom management.  With strong focus on data, instructional delivery, and intervention implementation, educators often forget to ensure incorporation of classroom management within the classroom.  Incorporating classroom management assist in the achievement of student success by increasing instructional time. This session titled Time to Teach explores practical systems that help teachers have time to teach so students can have more time to learn.

Lesson Plan Development and Rigor

Have you ever traveled to another state and planned your trip while you were in the car?  Would you allow a doctor to conduct surgery on you without being able to describe the process step by step?  Would you allow a contractor to build the house based on how he felt at any given moment, or would you require him to have a plan?  Student achievement is no different.  As we continue in education, sometimes the power of planning is underestimated.  Student achievement is not attained by accident, but on purpose.  During this session, teachers will be challenged to think and reflect on how they are planning instructional delivery and rigorous implementation.

Professional Learning Communities

Working in teams to accomplish educational goals is a rewarding experience.  This session works with teams to maximize their instructional gain.  Teams have an opportunity to establish roles, examine curriculum, and create a plan of action for achievement.

Leadership Development

Leadership is a collective effort.  In any building there has to be more leadership than the principal.  This session builds capacity of assistant principals, department chairs, and team leaders in the building.  We examine the hearts of leaders and those they represent in an attempt to build relationships that make room for instructional leadership.

Parent Engagement

Parent engagement is definitely a necessity in any school, but what happens when the school is in a challenged environment that makes parent engagement difficult?  Participants will have an opportunity to learn how to communicate with parents in a way that builds trust within the community.  They will also have an opportunity to look at their school as a living organism.  Every living organism has a specified operation.  Using this perspective, participants will explore creative ways to implement practical parent engagement activities in their organization.

Data Analysis Action

“So, we’ve collected our data.  Now what?”  While this is a common question in instructional delivery, the question is often left unanswered.  This session challenges the way we review data in an effort to apply the best interventions possible for our students.  We move beyond the boundaries of averages to specifically reviewing information based on standards taught.

Customized Professional Development

Experienced in education, we realize each school has varied needs, and believe in differentiated development.  Please contact us describing your area of need, and we will be glad to customize a training that will help your school.