Personal Bio


Deidrea S. Stevens, a native of New Bern, North Carolina, is an educator of many years.  She obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from East Carolina University and North Carolina Central University respectively.  Entering into Wingate University as a school administrator, she completed the program being recognized as an Education Specialist.  Her experience in both the classroom and in school administration has developed a passion to assist parents and educators in working as a team to ensure the success of our students.  Increasing a focus on parent engagement, Ms. Stevens makes every workshop, program, and speaking engagement; there is no substitute for family.   As it is the company’s mission to change the nation one family at a time, it is Ms. Stevens’ personal mission to avail herself to the betterment of families all over the nation.  She states,

“I will know I have succeeded when parents become engaged in not just school, but community affairs for the sake of their children’s schools; when parents of all socio classes share in the responsibility concerning student learning; when I see educators not cutting corners with disadvantaged students, because their parents are not aware of, nor can identify the prescribed assistance needed; when districts carefully connect their parent education programs to student learning, and take on the responsibility of developing educators, not just for the classroom, but for the community – when I see this being implemented systematically, I will know my work has been worth it!”

                        -Deidrea Stevens, Ed.S.